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Energy Corner

The cost of energy is a problem for everyone. Everyone is trying to save money through efficiency.

While we believe saving money is important, we do not believe saving a few dollars in the energy section of your budget is warranted if the overall budget is increased threefold.

The path to energy efficiency is achieved through the replacement of old equipment by more energy efficient technology.

Pumps, motors, heaters, etc. have been improved to a point where it makes sense to replace the old with the new.

Decreasing the running time of your equipment through the warmer months is a mistake that will increase the cost of pool operation beyond that saved in energy.  Plaster, equipment and algae damage are related to the decreasing of equipment running time. Let us show you the right way to decrease energy costs. Please call with any questions.

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WPSS Education

The 31st Annual Western Pool & Spa Show (WPSS) has become the premier pool and spa industry trade show in the United States.  Yet it still remains faithful to its original purpose – to EDUCATE and TRAIN pool and spa service technicians in their trade while giving both manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to reach this very specific and influential portion of the swimming pool and spa industry.

This show was a wonderful opportunity for Ron Orson to take part in the finest education anyone could hope for.  It was time well spent for all my great customers.

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Spring? Not Already!

It seems like only yesterday we were putting away our summer toys for our winter gear, and here it is, spring again.

Spring is a time for blooming flowers, blossoming trees and blowing debris. We all look forward to springtime, but with spring comes certain pool maintenance items that must be accomplished before the weather turns warm.

For many customers:

  1. The filter must be serviced to increase the life of all equipment.
  2. Conditioner must be added to the pool water to protect the sanitizing function of the chlorine.
  3. The pool cleaner must be serviced to increase the life of the cleaner.
  4. The backwash valve must be serviced for proper filter performance.
  5. The heater must be serviced to remove spiders and rodents that can block proper function. The heater must also be checked before relighting the pilot or before seasonal use.

These service items are necessary for the proper function of your pool, to avoid any interruption during the swimming season, and to limit major repairs.

While we are the guardians of your pool we will do our utmost to assure a pleasant experience.

If you any questions, please call us.  We are always here to serve you.

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The Virginia Graham Baker Act!

The safety of our children is important, but around swimming pools is even more important that we remain diligent in our efforts of both supervision and protection.

If we fail in our capacity as guardians, the government is always ready to step in and do the job for us. The Virginia Graham Baker (VGB) Act is a prime example of the seizure of our parental authority.

While the VGB Act is currently specific to Commercial Pools (Public Pools), there are rumblings that the scope of the act will be enlarged to include current residential pool owners.

The law was written to protect children from becoming trapped in the main drain. The suction in some main drains is so strong that once a child becomes trapped, he or she cannot extricate him/herself. While we believe the law may be necessary for commercial pools, we are a little more skeptical when it comes to residential pool owners.

Currently the law states that all public pools in use shall be retrofitted to include an additional main drain and all new pools, commercial and residential, shall be built to this code.

While an additional drain is one solution to limit the detrimental effects of too much suction in one area, there are other less expensive solutions for current residential pool owners.

A less expensive solution, and one that appears more reasonable for homeowners, is the replacement of the current main drain cover.

All new drain covers must comply with American National Standard ASME A112.19.8 – 2007 Suction Fittings for Use in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs.

A new main drain cover could help minimize the possibility of someone becoming trapped in the drain and this is a very inexpensive solution to a mounting problem.

In anticipation of the VGB Act provisions being expanded to include residential pools, I will install only compliant VGB Act covers when a replacement is necessary.

We must protect our children and we must have the right to determine our own solution to problems that affect our families. Please call with any questions concerning main drain covers.

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