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Energy Corner

It is time to reduce pool equipment operational hours if they have not already been reduced. Since the weather is becoming cooler, algae and other bacteria have a more difficult time breeding in your pool water.

There are three things that affect the running time of your pool equipment:

1. The angle of the sun

2. Cooler days and nights

3. Cooler water

Because of these natural occurrences, we are able to reduce the running time of your pool equipment and this saves energy and money.

We will adjust your running time. Please do not adjust.  Every pool is a little different and the running time for one pool may not be the appropriate for another.

Remember, we still have water that needs to be circulated to prevent insect infestation and to filter out other items that can cause damage to your pool and health issues for your family.

December 25, 2009 at 11:45 AM
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