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The Impending Weather

Winter is here and most of the        leaves have fallen, but we still suffer unwanted debris in our pool because of the wind and winter weather.

The wind is a damaging nemesis. The wind can deposit material into your pool that can threaten the integrity of your swimming pool water and the very health of your family.

A change in water chemistry, due to this debris, can also cause plaster damage and unnecessary equipment repairs.

It is important to get this debris out of your pool as soon as possible following high wind or an extreme storm.

After a service call, if you see the wind or weather has again deposited some unwanted item in your pool, if it is easy to extract, please remove this debris to protect the integrity of your pool water and to eliminate any health issues. We have found lawn chairs, tree branches, stuffed animals, real animals and just about everything you can imagine in some of the pools we service. Some of the items we have found are just toys, but for the same reasons these toys must also be removed when children are finished swimming.

Almost any item left in your pool for an extended period of time can damage your pool and add additional cost to its ownership.

December 25, 2009 at 11:46 AM
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